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Purana Quila in Delhi

Purana Quila Fort in India

Purana fort, which is locally known as Purana Qila, is known as the citadel of Old Delhi. Confirmation of the beauty and uniqueness of this Indian and an old fortress is that it is the work of the creator of the unique Taj Mahal - Shah Jahan, who is one of the most famous rulers and representatives of the Mughal dynasty. Purana Fort, with its characteristic red sandstone is a demonstration of the greatness and potential of the dynasty as it was built in the period of its greatest prosperity.

The old fort of Delhi Purana is located near the urban area of Pragati Maidan. Over the centuries the old fortress Purana Qila was the seat of administration of many emperors who ruled Delhi, including the legendary ruler, Prithviraj Chauhan.

Today, although the citadel Purana is buried in ruins, it still bears the glory of past greatness and splendor. The original citadel of the place of the current Purana was constructed by Sher Shah Suri and was once the capital of Emperor Humayun.

Incidentally, Humayun was probably the only emperor in Indian history, who built a city in Delhi and it was named after his own name.

The massive walls of the fort Purana reaches a considerable height of 18 m, with a total length of nearly 2 km encircling the earth. The citadel has four large entrances which are marked by arches. The biggest of these is the Bara Darwaza, which overlooks the west and which is used to this day.

The Gate of Humayun, which was probably named as was, either because it was built by the emperor, or because it shows his tomb, however finally, it was called the forbidden site. All the gates are two-storey structures, built of sandstone and surrounded by double bastions. They are decorated with white and colored marble inlays and blue tiles.

Today, visitors to the fort Purana are able to enjoy the unique show, Sound and Light, which begins after sunset. Along with its citadel, Purana Qila its story as the seventh city of Delhi.

Excavations are adamant that on the land of the Purana Qila there was another building in 1000 BC.



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