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Schallaburg Castle

Schallaburg Castle

Austria and its capital Vienna attract millions of tourists annually from around the world thanks to its historical and cultural monuments. Outside the capital, however, has the amazing gem of the royal castle construction, Schallaburg Castle.

Schallaburg is an amazing medieval castle, located just two hours from the Austrian capital. It rises in the beautiful Wachau valley, which is included in the list of world cultural sites of UNESCO.

Schallaburg Castle

Besides the Schallaburg Castle the area was home to Franz Ferdinand - Artstetten Castle, Rosenburg Castle, and the intriguing Esterhazy Palace.

Medieval Schallaburg Castle stands only five kilometers from the town of Melk. To get there you should take a trip along the Danube River or just take the train from Vienna to Melk. Schallaburg is one of the most remarkable Renaissance castles, you may see in Lower Austria. To visit the palace was a genuine pleasure, given the beautiful park that surrounds it.

Schallaburg Castle was built in the 12th century. The oldest parts of the palace are Roman ruins and the Gothic chapel, dating from the Middle Ages. In 1572, the castle Schallaburg acquire s the distinctive features in its structure that have been preserved to this day.

It reflects the prosperity of the Losensteiner family. The unique open staircase, decorated with unique decorations marks the patio on two levels - total public demonstration of dominance by the Italian family Lose Steiner.

The garden is distinguished by its detailed mosaic that is composed of 1600 terracotta fragments, arranged so as to recreate the mythological scenes, deities and religious figures, all of which are reflected in detail. One of the terracotta figures recreate the figure of a woman with the head of a dog, which is famous for legendary stories associated with the Schallaburg Castle.

Today the Schallaburg Castle is a popular exhibition building that fits within 1000 meters of exhibition area of multiple exposures and historical museums. There is annually set the various cultural, historical and archaeological exhibitions.

One can not help but be impressed by the garden of the Schallaburg Castle whose focus is of pink colors. For centuries, there have been maintained rose bushes and apple trees.



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