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Raisko Praskalo Waterfall

Raisko Praskalo Waterfall

Raisko Praskalo Waterfall is situated within one of the three national parks included in the list of World Natural Heritage sites - the Central Balkan. In particular, Raisko Praskalo Waterfall enters the territory of the North Djendem Reserve, considered the reserve with the highest altitude in the entire park.

Raisko Praskalo Waterfall is often referred to as the Kalofer waterfall, because the waterfall is very near the Kalofer revival. The extreme beauty of this place is the cause of strong tourist interest not only by the Bulgarians but also many foreigners.

In the area of Raisko Praskalo Waterfall there has developed active mountain and ecological tourism. The waterfall is formed among the mountain peaks that do have magnetic challenges for fans of rock climbing, which also created excellent conditions.

Raisko Praskalo Waterfall

Raisko Praskalo Waterfall is fed water from the snow on the highest peak in the Central Balkan Mountain - Botev Peak. Indescribable is the beautiful waterfall that runs down from a record height of 124.5 meters. To reach the lower part of the natural phenomenon the water is broken down into millions of small drops which provide the basic charm of Praskalo.

To reach the base of the waterfall, the water forms a small stream which flows into the White River. Its catchment in turn enters the Djendem reserve. As official landmark for the country Raisko Praskalo Waterfall was announced in 1965.

This major landmark for Bulgaria is the most watered during the summer months, due to which at this time of year there, is full of most visitors. At the foot of the waterfall there is chalet located, which is a starting point to the beautiful natural landmark.

The main tourist route to the reserve Djendem is a starting point for the Kalofer. From there on the asphalt road with a length of about 6 km passing through the picturesque gorge of the river leads to the Tundja bowls place. There is the starting point for the route to the hut Rai, and there visitors can find hotels and car parks, where to stay or leave their vehicle.

The trail is indicated by signs and blue-white markings, after about 15-20 minutes reachs the main entrance of the National Park area. After about 40 minutes during the transition through the beech-oak forest you will reach the southern part of the mountain pasture, Paradjika, with an impressive view of the Djendema reserve.

From the entrance to the reserve and the Rai hut itself and then to the Raisko Praskalo Waterfall the transition is less than 2 hours. The path is beautifully surrounded by the beech forests. Annually 7000 people pass through this trail.

In the beautiful area of the natural waterfall, you can enjoy the natural wonder and indulge in some pleasurable line outdoor activities - skiing paragliding, horseback riding, hiking, or jeep safari.



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