Scottish Highlands

Scottisch Highlands

Highlands of Scotland are situated on the rocky shores of northern and northwestern Scotland. To get to this mountain land which is home to the Celts, it is best to get there by car. The nearest airport to the area is Inverness airport. In the area there are two smaller airports, which do make connections with Glasgow.

The Highlands of Scotland is the highest point of the entire British island. This is the peak Ben Nevis, which is located in Lohaber, close to the beautiful Loch Linne. The mountain elevation reaches 1344 m altitude, and below it lays the beautiful valley of Glen Nevis.

Highlands of Scottland

The very Ben Nevis, is surrounded by thick fog most of the time, but that has not stopped many adventurous tourists set to climb it. This hill is well known to experienced and professional mountain climbers from around the world. The place is suitable for tourist walks and hikes, but it should be noted that climbing the mountain is not the lightest of hiking routes.

The common view of the mountains near the Highlands of Scotland are the rounded green hills, which at the very top are empty. In winter, temperatures there in the highest point are extremely low and only certain types of lichens and mosses can survive. By reducing the altitude the most common steppe vegetation appears as the most commonly Blueberry bushes and some herbs such as thyme. The lowest areas have the dense vegetation of mainly, pine, beech, oak.

The Highlands of Scotland are enriched with small streams, sheer cliffs and the rather historical monuments such as castles, Inverness, Ford and Williams Gelnoke which has built and improved trails for snowboarding and skiing.



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