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Vairano Patenora Castle

Vairano Patenora Citadel

Vairano Patenora is one of those Italian towns, where time has stood still of the centuries and has the authentic look of a town from the bygone era! Largely this is due to the medieval citadel Vairano Patenora, which dominates from its hilltop over the greater part of the town.

Castle Vairano Patenora and its small town is located in the province of Caserta in the Italian region of Campania, around 60 miles north of Naples and about 35 km northwest of the central city of Caserta.

Vairano Patenora Citadel

In essence, the citadel is a Norman fortress which was erected on one of the hills at the foot of the Mount Mateze, in the River Volturno valley.

Archaeological findings have proven that the mountain was inhabited 700, 000 years ago, suggesting that prehistoric people lived here in caves and wooden huts. The first ancient civilization, which began to build fortified settlements here were the Sidicini-you around 290 BC these lands are therefore part of the lands of the ancient Romans. From this period there has remained a bridge, which is located at the place known as Frattelle.

Between the 6th and 9th century a fortress was built by the Lombards, whose main task was to protect them from invasions of the Saracens and other tribes.

Lombards retained control over the territory of Vairano Patenora till the 11th century, when they were overrun by the Normans. In 1191 Norman King Henry VI of Hoenshtaufen gives the castle to Roffredo dell'Isola, who was the Abbot of Montekasino.

In the following centuries the castle underwent many alterations, improvements and extensions, but the most significant changes were made in the 16 century by Innico d'Avalos.

The castle was purchased in 1590by Baron Mormil, who converted the old military stronghold into a pleasant and beautiful castle to live. The family of the Baron remained the owners of until 1806.

An important historical event that happened in Vairano Patenora, was when Garibaldi and Victor Emmanuel II met here to ratify the unity of Italy.



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