Becov Castle

Becov nad Teplou Castle and Chateau

Becov Castle is a beautiful and perfectly preserved medieval manor in the territory of Slovakia. Becov was built nearly 800 years ago as a small castle guarding to protect trade routes and had the task to provide shelter for villagers in case of military attack. Today Becov is one of the most famous castles, although it should have remained only ruins .

Becov, dominated by its high hill overlooking the eponymous municipality that is located near the town of Trenčín. Its location is in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic near the town of Karlovy Vary and Horní Slavkov. The castle is an integral part of the heritage of the city Bečov AND Teplou, which stands within the natural reserve of rich forest Slavkovský les. From here, Prague is located 130 km away.

Becov nad Teplou Castle and Chateau

Becov Castle today enjoys the highest status of state protection, which has organized a massive and systematic campaign for the preservation of the palace. Since 1995 the castle Becov is a monument of cultural heritage of the Czech Republic. Overwhelming for recognition Becov comes from the fact that it is a valuable complex of several historical buildings that embody several architectural styles.

The original Becov Castle was built in 13 and finished in 14 th century. In the 15th century it was in possession of the family Hrabišiců Osek, a little later, noble family Pluhs of Rabštejn. In 1624 the palace was owned Questenberkové. Under their ownership was added the Lower baroque castle in 18 century. The last family that occupiess Becov after 1813 is Spontin.

After World War II this family, which was an active supporter of the Nazis, left the castle Becov forever. In 40 years the storage facillity remained hidden under the floor of the chapel of the castle. It was opened in 1985, filled by bottles of wine and cognac.

Currently only about one third of the castle complex Becov is available for public visits. It includes so-called Lower Palace, built in a beautiful baroque style. In it are organized two tours. The first takes visitors through the classic interior of the castle and the second allows you to see the relics of St. Maur - the second most valuable relic in the Czech Republic, and model the skill of local goldsmiths.

Tourists have the opportunity to see the very first patio, gardens and beautiful minimalist terraces of Becov. Anyone, who wishes to celebrate their wedding, or other private celebration in the halls of Becov or in its beautiful park, may.



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