Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle in Wales

Pembroke Castle is one of the largest and best preserved medieval fortresses in the territory of Wales. This massive palace building is beautifully situated on the rocky promontory on the banks of the River Pembroke, which runs through town. In this part of West Wales besides Pembroke Castle one can see the beautiful Lily Lake with its many wild ducks. It is located slightly south of the fortress.

Pembroke has a long and interesting history. There is evidence that in its strategically chosen place had been built a Roman fort. A little later the territory was conquered by the Normans, who in 1093 erected around here a fortress consisting of a small patio, located on the cliff edge. Several years later the castle Pembroke was able to withstand a serious attack by the Welsh, although stocks and provisions of the fortress were literally exhausted.

Pembroke Castle in Wales

In the late 12th century Pembroke Castle became an innovator in architectural construction, with no equal in impressiveness of the facade. It also has a powerful rising cylindrical tower, which ends with an unusual stone dome. In 1189 the Pembroke Castle falls into the hands of and was acquired by William Marshall, who is created the appearance of the castle as remains to this day. Marshall turned the blockhouse into a stone castle.

Today the endless passages, tunnels and stairways, which were built during the Middle Ages, are very interesting to explore. Most of the buildings in the composition of Pembroke were built in the late 14th century. Then was built the new Grand Hall, which is located below the naturally occurring, as a result of water erosion, cave below the castle. It is assumed that there once were stored boats.

In 1648 the palace Pembroke undergoes a seven week siege by Oliver Cromwell. Finally, the fortress failed to withstand the pressure of Cromwell and falls under his command. He ordered Pembroke be destroyed, and even encouraged local people to plunder its stone blocks and use them for their own purposes. Then Pembroke is left to the arbitrariness of fate.

Today the Pembroke Castle is one of the most visited medieval castles in Wales. It is considered the largest privately owned territory, it is a family owned by Philipps. Today, except an intriguing labyrinth of dungeons, tunnels and secret rooms in Pembroke, you can visit an interesting historical exhibition which tells the background of the area and castle. Beautiful green meadows, which surround Pembroke are suitable for picnics or walks.



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