Häme Castle

Hame Castle in Finnland

Häme Castle is an attractive medieval building located in a picturesque green area in the city Hämeenlinna, in Finland. The castle lies with all its impressiveness on the lake Vanajavesi in the central Finnish city and is one of the main tourist attractions in this part of the country. Once the original fortress Häme was situated on the island.

Most archaeologists and historians believe that Häme Castle was built sometime in late 13th century by the Earl Birger, who marched on this area during the so-called Second Swedish Crusade. As is normal for most medieval fortifications, Häme is secured by a moat, plus the water barrier of the lake. There is a thing that stands the castle near Hämeenlinna apart from all other similar structures.

Hame Castle in Finnland

Only the fortress Häme was built of red bricks. Today the ruins left of the old fortress can not be determined on the older pre-1320 Castle Häme, losing its military importance and power in late 16th century. Defensive structures of the castle were restored in the 18th century, also were upgraded bastions around the main fortifications of Häme.

Also in this century was built the third floor of the main palace, while the surrounding walls have been renewed. In the 19th century by accident of historical circumstances, the stone dungeons and halls of the castle were used as a prison. This function is performed by the castle from 1837 to almost 1953.

Then it launched a major restoration of the medieval ruins. The prison was designed by famous Finnish architect Carl Engel.

Since 1988 Häme Castle is home to an interesting museum, as part of the halls and rooms can be rented for private parties and events. Among the museum exhibits you can see one that tells about the years that Häme serves as a prison. Within the castle is a historic artillery museum.



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