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Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa

Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa, Bulgaria

The park of dancing bears is located in the Rhodopes, in the Andrianov area - 180 km south of Sofia.

It extends over an area of 120 000 square meters and an altitude of 1345 meters. A thirty meter secured bridge allows the bears to walk freely in its two parts, divided into 7 sectors associated with 11 passes.

In 1999 FOUR PAWS began combating the torture of bears in Bulgaria. The project, called the Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa launched a year later.

For greater safety, of the bears and the guests of the park, an electric fence was placed, with a length 26, 608 meters, was installed, as well as 105 lights.

Dancing Bears Park

The first inhabitants include the brown bears Mariana, Stefan and Kalinka, Stanka, George and Bobby!

For a Bear, who all his life was forced to dance violently, have been created facilities - pools in each sector, and semi- burrows.

The dancing Bears Park in Belitsa has such a rich structural design that a bear can maximize the return to its natural behavior.

As hunting for food fills most of the day of the wild animals, the food is hidden in amazing places, thereby creating a meaningful activity of the animals.

Specially trained veterinarians take care of the Bears. Besides rehabilitation and salvation of bears, the park is a place, which attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad.



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Comments (1)

Sue Smith
Sue Smith
12.09.2012 18:24
Having visited the bear park for another few days (our 4th time),I can honestly say we love it! It's a joy to see bears who were once tortured, lying in the sun and playing together.Hiding in the woods and dipping in the pools is wonderful to witness; their stories are sad, but life now is good. We will return!

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