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Glacier National Park

Saint Mary Lake and Glacier National Park

In 1932 the governments of Canada and the U.S.A decided to launch the first International Peace Park. It started off under the common name “International Peace Park of glaciers and lakes Waterton” within its borders were Waterton Lakes National Park with its beautiful lakes, as well as Glacier National Park in the U.S. Waterton Lake area is located in the southwest corner of the Canadian province of Alberta, and Glacier National Park remains beyond its southern border, within the U.S.A state of Montana.

With its ice-carved mountains, beautiful lakes and abundant wildlife, Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks of America. It is the 10th national park in America, and was founded in 1910. Among the distinctive features of this amazingly beautiful area, are very beautiful lakes, ice-carved mountains and diverse flora and fauna.

Glacier National Park stretches 4 000 sq km in area and has over 700 lakes, including the lovely St. Mary Lake and over 50 magnificent glaciers, hence the name of the protected area.

Each year the park anticipates an arrival arriving of about two million visitors, who are eager to find incredible places on one of the parks natural paths, with a total length of 1.100 km. The majestic beauty of Glacier National Park is the result of processes of the last ice age when glaciers melted. Carving out the mountains they create steep cirques and ridges, leaving behind a clear mountain lake.

Along with the glaciers and lakes in the park, are about 200 waterfalls which can be visited, and are scattered throughout the stunning scenery of the park. Today, Glacier National Park is considered one of the largest and most intact ecosystems in North America.

Fitz Roy Mountain in Glacier National Park, Usa

There are more than 1000 species of plants and hundreds of animal species that inhabit Glacier National Park. Among them, a significant percentage of the flora and fauna is composed of unique, specific areas for endemic species. Glacier National Park is well known and popular with nearly 300 grizzly bears and mountain goat.

Besides them, you can see hundreds of bird species and more than 12 species of fish. Even a few reptiles and amphibians species live in Glacier National Park. Special consideration must be given to the mountain goat, which is the official symbol of Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park is accessible to tourists only in the spring, summer and autumn. In winter, Glacier National Park is closed to visitors because of the large amounts of snow that make the park inaccessible and impenetrable. A main road crosses the snow, sections of which can be covered in snow of up to more than 30 meter drifts.

Sometimes snowdrifts here get so hard that the snow is usually removed with explosives. Additional factors are the extremely low temperatures in Glacier National Park. It set a world record in 1916 for the biggest change in temperature within 24 hours when degrees here fell from 7 to -49 ° C.



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