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Sini Kamani National Park

Blue Stones Natural Park near Sliven, Bulgaria

The Sinite Kamani Natural Park is one of the most beautiful places in the middle of nature, and can be seen when visiting the territory of Bulgaria. It is important to know that the Sini Kamani Park is home to over half of all butterfly species in Bulgaria and 60% of all bird species. This enormous wealth of flora and fauna was declared a natural park on November 28, 1980, with the main objective to protect and preserve the un-spoilt beauty and specific nature and the incredibly diverse and rich ecosystem from human activity.

The Sini Kamani Natural Park is situated in Sliven Mountain, which is part of Stara Planina. The park is located on the eastern slope of the mountain. The southern boundary of the Blue rocks Park offers a view of the town of Sliven. To the north, west and east, the park is surrounded by vast forests. The relief of the entire park is diverse and rich. Its northern slopes are steep and very difficult to pass and are covered with beech trees. The southern sloping hills are characterized by lower vegetation, and are highly dissected and irregular.

Within the Sini Kamani Natural Park, you can see the big and Small Chatalka peaks, Kutelka. Bulgarka peak, with its 1181 m altitude is the highest in Eastern Stara Planina. In the park one can also experience the rock phenomena, The Wedding Ring, The Chimneys, The Doll and Enyo’s Bride as well as the Kaloyan Towers. The Incredibly beautiful lake in the area of Karandila, also offers plenty of opportunities for rest and quiet nature walks. Within the perimeter of the Blue Rocks Natural Park, are the natural springs Archangel, Kušbunar, Gunčov spring, as well as waterfalls, namely the Blue Falls and Futu. This view leaves one with an overwhelming feeling.

Karandila region in Sliven

The Sini Kamani Natural Park occupies an area of 11, 380 hectares and is constantly increasing. The lowest point of the park is situated at about 300 m altitude. The highest point of the park is Mount Balgarka, at 1181 m above seas level. The northern parts of the park are the higher areas of the park. The height of the main ridge of the Sliven Mountain is over 1000 meters. The name of the Sini Kamani Natural Park comes from the Crimean Sultan, Selim Geray - Sliven Alps, who named the area this as far back as 1702.

The Sultan was really excited about the Sini kamani, were there is a massive rock formation, which is located within the territory of the natural park and gives the name of the entire natural area. This beautiful rock was formed by the action of erosion and denudation processes. It is mostly quartz rocks with different impurities that form part of the Blue Rocks Nature Park. Under the impact of erosion the specific character of its diverse array of rocks was formed. There are quite valleys, caves, chasms, and more to be seen.

Karandila, Bulgaria

Across the Sini Kamani National Park, you can see the many waterfalls and pools, as well as snteresting caves, and dense forests, which are ideal for hikes. One can also view the inaccessible cliffs with numerous archeological and historical monuments.

From Sliven, you must take the mountain path "Haidushkata" to reach Sini kamani. It starts from the tourist center, where you can get a stamp in your booklet for visiting one of the 100 national tourist sites in Bulgaria.

The site is part of a movement founded in 1966, called the 100 National Tourist Sites in Bulgaria.



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