Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is a city and town in Clark County, Nevada. This is the second largest city in Nevada after Las Vegas. The territory of Henderson houses 257 729 people. Henderson is located in the south east part of Las Vegas Valley.

The city is spread on 244 square kilometers. Mccullough Range is located near the city and most of the rocks, which are complex, are blackened because of volcanic eruptions that took place a few million years ago in the Henderson of today. The area is arid with poor water deposits.

The city is the location of the University of Southern Nevada and Clark County School District. The city has thirty-eight schools.

Henderson is among the youngest cities in the U.S. It was founded in the forties of the twentieth century. The main task of the city of Henderson was the extraction and production of magnesium metal after the Second World War.

Americans say that Henderson was born to protect America. The first large enterprise in the city was a Magnesium plant. It was a major supplier of magnesium for incendiary bombs and aircraft engines, and other important details of the war. In 1947, however, the need for magnesium sharply declined. As a result, plant employees, who number 14, 000, were largely redundant.

In 1947, the city was straight up for sale by selling its property. To save the city, the state of Nevada made the assessment of the property for the privatization of local commercial structures.

Several days after, legislators approved a bill that authorizes the privatization of factories that were located in the city of Henderson.

In April 1953, through the efforts of local authorities and representatives of local businesses, Henderson was officially registered as a town. In May that year, its population amounted to seven thousand four hundred and ten people. The first mayor was elected- Jim French. Initially, the city territory extended over thirty-four square kilometres, but gradually began to grow and thrive.

The official city slogan is "Henderson is a place you can call home."

There are many tourists coming from all over the world, because in the city has many shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants and casinos. The city is located near Las Vegas, which makes it an attractive area. Henderson is located near McCarran International Airport and Henderson Executive Airport .

In the spatial layout, the city includes Green Valley, Lake Las Vegas, MacDonald Highlands, canyon Madeira and Whitney Ranch.



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