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Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire Dales National Park is one of the most picturesque, peaceful and harmonious landscapes in northern England. It spreads in both areas - Yorkshire Dales and Harrogate area in the lands of North and West Yorkshire and Cumbria. Yorkshire Dales uniquely combines natural diversity and rich cultural heritage. Created in 1954 Yorkshire Dales National Park is one of a total of fifteen national parks in the UK.

Within the Yorkshire Dales National Park can be seen ancient villages, the enchanting Lake District, very unique places created both by nature and by man. Harrogate is a little English town situated close to the park. Today it is considered an excellent place for relaxation and shopping, popular with its architectural monuments and its mineral springs. Yorkshire Dales is located 80.5 km north east of Manchester, Leeds, to the south is Bradford, located west of Kendal, and to the East - Darlington.

Yorkshire Dales National Park extends to a total of 1769 square kilometers. This protected area presents magnificent views of lush meadows covered with flowers, herbs and green grass, rolling hills, rock formations, deciduous forests and numerous waterfalls. In the western part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, among the mountain hills, known here as the Howgill Fells, is a beautiful waterfall. Composed of several separate falls, boilers Spout reaches a height of 200 meters and is considered the highest waterfall in England. Another beautiful natural phenomenon in the Yorkshire Dales is the waterfall Catrigg Force.

Yorkshire Dales in northern England

Each year, Yorkshire Dales and Harrogate greet over thirteen million visitors, attracted by the incredible natural beauty, cultural heritage and of course peace and diversity of outdoor activities that can be practiced here. Among the cultural attractions of the Yorkshire Dales are many historical buildings such as castles Skipton, Richmond, Middleham and Knaresborough. In the region of Yorkshire Dales is the medieval Bolton Castle. There are many parks and gardens that one can visit this protected area.

Characteristic Yorkshire Dales National Park is the sight of lush grasslands in which cows and sheep graze, cut by rough stone walls. Agriculture and livestock to this day is very important for the region. Around 20 000 people live and work in the Yorkshire Dales, which annually accepts about 8 million visitors.

One of the most practiced activities in the park is hiking and cycling. Popular routes are Pennine Way, Dales Way, the Coast to Coast Path and the new route - Pennine Bridleway.



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