Mercantour National Park

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Mercantour National Park

A common definition of the beauty of national park Mercantour is a microcosm of the natural world to which you can only react speechlessly. This natural area is located about 20 km north of Monte Carlo, between the area of Barceloneta, in the mountains Maritim and Sospel.

Among all nine national parks of France, Mercantour seems to be most favored by tourists. The protected area was established in 1979, and today about 800 000 people come here to practice hiking through natural areas or visit picturesque villages. That lack of dense population and peaceful atmosphere are the cause for thousands of Frenchmen to come here on weekends to walk the many trails and mountain routes or to spend the night in one of chalets for guests.

The first impression of the park is invariably associated with high views, stunning with its high jagged peaks. The territory of Mercantour has several tips, the highest of which reaches 3143 m and is named La Sim Du Jela. Going up the huge mountain, you will undoubtedly see the incredible Lake Lac d'Alos. This natural water boundary is considered the largest high- mountain lake within the continent.

The Mercantour national park is most pleasant to visit the between June and October, because it is green and the climate is mild. Besides the beautiful natural scenery here, reflecting the lush meadows, hilly peaks with amazing waterfalls, here you can see interesting species of flora and fauna. The mountain slopes are a place where rare orchids and lilies grow, as do some species of lichens. On the outskirts of the area, you can see the typical Provencal area with low aromatic shrubs. The animal world is represented by Alpine Mormons, wolves, white mouflons, chamois, and many others.

A quiet and cozy villages here is Sospel town, situated in the southern area of the park. Its central square, "Saint Michel" is a reflection of the idyllic Provencal realities with its peach houses. Here you can check ruins of an ancient fortress and a magnificent church with a chapel beside it.

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