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Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle is a divine palace complex, situated on a steep and high rock just above the marine waters. Apart from the wonderful views of beach and waves, Miramare is surrounded by beautiful old trees, forming the park to the castle and stunning gardens well planted with shrubs and flowers selected from the botanical species. Castle Miramare stays charmingly in the Gulf of Trieste, and is about 10 km from the very Italian city.

Miramare is a precise example of aristocratic luxury residence and authentic interior decoration, in return visitors come back in time to when the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian and his wife Charlotte of Belgium decided to move to a palace and use it as residence. Archduke build Miramare from 1856 to 1860, the project was awarded to architect Carl Junker.

Ferdinand Maximilian was seen as a Habsburg. His passion was sailing and at eighteen years of age he decided to take a trip to the Middle East. In 1852 he was appointed an officer to the Royal Navy and in 1854 became its chief. New post makes Maximilian respond to his name and rank, with the result that he moved to Trieste and rose the Miramare Castle, surrounded by sea waves and beautiful park gardens.

Architectural style of the castle Miramare fully reflects the views of the Archduke. It was then quite familiar with architectural trends, which are rather eclectic. Today, Miramare is an amazing blend of Gothic, Renaissance and medieval architectural motifs. Maximilian establishes the castle, which combines with ease, strict EU criteria and exotic Mediterranean architecture. The fact that Miramare was built on the coast affects blue decoration tapestries on the ground floor of the palace. The sea inspired much of the furniture and the names of some of the halls.

Miramare Castle in Trieste

The lovely park around Miramare has an area of 54 hectares and is the result of lengthy and difficult projects, the Archduke tried to make the rocky cape in a sort of paradise. Ultimately visitors to Miramare can see today that its park has an amazing harmony of trees, alternating flower beds, meadows and small lakes with beautiful gazebos for recreation.



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