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Hohensalzburg Castle

Hohensalzburg Castle

The unique Hohensalzburg Castle stands high above the Austrian city of Salzburg and is perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in the area. Although abundant around medieval castles and palaces, Hohensalzburg remains champion. This is the largest fortified castle across Europe and probably one of the most beautiful.

The name of the castle Hohensalzburg literally means, a high fortress. The name was given to it because it dominates majestically above the oldest Austrian city.

According to historians and researchers, it was teamed with Florence and the Renaissance are "ancestors" of modern Europe. Here they have created all those aesthetic that culinary habits adopted later by the cities and countries, empires and colonies on the four corners of the world.

Romans made the foundations of the Hohensalzburg Fortress on the highest hill and was never conquered. In VII century on the ruins of the Roman Yuvavum, Frankish Bishop Rupert founded two monasteries - male St. Peter's and women's, Nonenberg. The Castle, from which we know today, was built in 1077 by Archbishop Gerhard von Salzburg.

A century later during the reign of Conrad I, the Hohensalzburg Castle was expanded significantly. In its present large proportions Salzburg was built in the 15th and 16th century during the Hungarian War. Basically at this time the facade of the entrance to the castle and its symbol were added, it depicts a lion holding in its paws beet, which is quite unusual.

Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg

The last part was added to the castle by Kuenberg Bastion. In his architecture it can be seen of the French and German influence, which is not typical in the construction of fortified defenses at that time.

In the mid 16th century, the fate of Hohensalzburg Castle gives him to serve jail time. Today, however, Hohensalzburg has become a wonderful and spectacular museum, in addition to walking it can be reached with the help of custom built ropeway.



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