Portumna Castle

Portumna Castle

Portumna Castle is a magnificent medieval building, replaced in a beautiful Renaissance Revival facade. It is located in the town, Portumna, located in western Ireland, south of the border in County Galway, on the border with County Tipperary. Portumna Town is located west of where the river Shannon flows into Lough Derg.

The city is marked by the history of Portumna Castle and its rulers, who have lived for centuries. The palace, which rather resembles the great noble mansion was built between 1610 and 1618. Invested funds amount to around £10, 000 being to the cost of the rulers.

Portumna Castle

In those years the Portumna Castle has had an equal equivalent in beauty, finesse and craftsmanship throughout Ireland. Elegance and taste, built into the castle is the work of Count Richard Burke. Beautiful palaces as Sommerhill and Tonbridge Wells in Kent also merit.

Portumna Castle was one of the first, if not the first palace across Ireland, which recreates Renaissance architecture in the moments that so far more than a century adorn buildings and palaces throughout France and Italy.

Renaissance motifs on the exterior of Portumna ultimately boil down to the arch of the main entrance portal and Tuscan in the courtyard of the castle. Overall, however, dominatating id the Renaissance design that you feel in the appearance of Portumna Castle. The palace has a symmetrical square towers being built on three floors plus basement.

The central corridor is three meters wide and supported by massive walls, which are built with great and numerous fireplaces and niches. In the 17th century Portumna Castle is supplemented by beautiful gardens planted with fruit trees, flowers, herbs and vegetables. These paintings are actually natural monuments throughout Ireland for the first Renaissance gardens.

There is an interesting story about Portumna Castle, which tells how the toddler fell from the upper windows of the building. At that time an Irish Greyhound past and saved the child. Today this place holds a monument, under which were previously the buried bones of the dog hero. Today, they are included in the exhibition at Portumna Castle.



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