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Herrenchiemsee Castle


Herrenchiemsee Castle is the most opulent palace built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II in the 19th century. Designed as a copy of the palace at Versailles, Herrenchiemsee is as it rises over the majestic island Herreninsel, the largest island located in the middle of the large lake Chiemsee. This area is located in southern Bavaria, between Munich and Salzburg.

Beautiful Herrenchiemsee may remind you of the neo-romantic masterpiece, Neuschwanstein, although Chiemsee is not a popular tourist destination, the castle is the Disney logo. However, the beautiful architecture and beautiful park of the castle gardens attract thousands of tourists annually from around the world.

While walking around you will be filled with calm and pleasant emotions and you can rely on the fact that you will not be crowded with curious tourists. Tickets for entrance to the palace can be purchased on site without prior reservations. Fortunately, working time is stretched to the utmost and giving you the freedom to browse all the interesting corners of Herrenchiemsee.

In the Middle Ages the two largest islands in the lake were built as monasteries. One was male and was located on the island Herreninsel, which literally trans lates as "island of Male". It is located off the island of women where there is still a fully functioning nunnery.

Herrenchiemsee Castle

Most importantly for most visitors is the visitor center where you can buy tickets. From this place you can rent a cab that will take you to Herrenchiemsee for about 15 minutes. Once you see the whole complex you can stay and enjoy the pleasant views in some of the pretentious restaurants or cafes located on the island.

A visit inside the palace Herrenchiemsee is only possible if you hire a guide.. The Palace gardens are built like the ones in the Versailles palace and are dotted with fountains. Most of them take the form of beautiful girls who stand next to the dragons, winged warriors, giant lizards and other extravagant creatures.



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