Dobris Castle

Dobris Castle

Dobris Castle is an amazing and beautiful private chateau in the Czech Republic. One will remain amazed by the impressive size of the castle from its sophisticated architecture almost entirely sustained in Rococo style and warm colors, which shines in the facades. The Chateau is situated in the historic hunting area of the Bohemia area.

This area boasts a rich and intriguing history. Although it is privately owned, with one reservation everyone can have the chance to examine the Dobris Castle. If you choose to visit the castle, be sure to sit to eat lunch, and at the same time enjoy the beautiful views of its famous and picturesque gardens.

The castle is located about one hour drive from Prague. The beautiful Rococo chateau was erected in the second half of the 18th century. Until World War II Dobris was owned by the noble family, Colloredo-Mansfeld, but in 1942 the palace was seized in favor of the Nazis.

From 1945 the castle settles the Union of Communist writers and was used as a house for the writers for the next 50 years. Only in 1998 the property was returned to its owners, the longstanding family of Colloredo-Mansfeld. However, many believe that in those 50 years in which the rooms and halls of Dobris arena were home to the artists of the Communist Party, that they had left their mark everywhere.

Dobris Palace

After 1998 the palace became a private residence, which is open to the public. The tour of the palace will allow you to view unique rooms in Rococo style and classicism, authentic antique furniture and paintings that are collected from different European regions. You can not miss the inspirational gardens, which are composed of English and French fleet. The lovely French garden is considered the pearl among the gardens in the Czech Republic.

At the chapel of the Dobris Castle, there is the miraculous icon of Our Lady brought there from Mount Athos. Over the centuries, many miracles have occurred through this image of Mary. Furthermore, in the chapel of the palace you can see another relic of the Holy Mountain - the impressive altar which is lined in silver throughout.



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