Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo Naples

Castel Nuovo is located next to the port of Naples and has a beautiful view of the sea. Today Nuovo is one of the historical characters of the Italian city.

The designation is given in honor of its builder Charles I of Anjou, who ordered the raising of the fortress in the 13th century. As soon as it was built, Castel Nuovo was the center of the Italian authorities.

Over the centuries, Castel Nuovo was an arena of many historical and important events in Italy. In the course of history through the centuries Castel Nuovo was home to the painter Giotto and poets Petrarch and Tre.

Nuovo Castle

Today, the cultural spirit around the palace is still alive - against the fortress is the gallery "Umberto I", which is extremely luxurious. Nearby is another great historical landmark of Naples - the royal palace, which was built for the Spanish king Philip III.

Today a small part of the original type and design of the Castel Nuovo from the 13th century has been preserved. The remains of it can be seen only in the chapel of Santa Barbara which is located on the first floor of the fortress. There are still visitors to Naples which are able to touch the frescoes of the early Renaissance painter, Giotto and his pupil Mason Banco di.

Dating from the second half of the 13th century Castel Nuovo impresses with its interesting structure. It is remarkable for the, exquisite Renaissance triumphal arch of lavish marble at the entrance, which is surrounded by oval towers. Alfonso I of Aragon was triumphantly ascended to the throne of Castel Nuovo.



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