Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle is an attractive medieval building. It is situated low on a hill called Castle Hill, located in the center of the town of Inverness in Scotland. The current palace was built on the site of an earlier fortress in 1835 and from its location on the lower scale is found a pleasant view overlooking the River Ness and the cathedral on the opposite bank.

The castle and the town of Inverness is located 104 miles northwest of Aberdeen. From Inverness, 7 miles south is the Aldourie Castle, and 12 miles west is the Beaufort Castle.

The fortification of the place of today's Inverness is mentioned in 1057 and is believed that it was built of wood by King Malcolm III Canmore and was located slightly East of the present palace. The wooden fortress was destroyed by King Robert Bruce in 1310 and in 1548 George Gordon, Earl of Huntly took its place and built a palace of stone.

Slightly earlier, in the 15th century Scottish King Robert I decided to partially demolish the old fortress to build a new one in its place. Once the castle Inverness was surrounded by the Jacobite army in 1746 the palace was almost leveled by mining. All that survives of the castle is part of the main wall.

Castle Inverness

The current Inverness Castle was built in 1836 to replace the old one, which was destroyed in 1746. Today visitors to the castle, unfortunately, can not walk around all the halls of Inverness, but the beautiful gardens around it are open for public visits. In summer you can visit the exhibition of medieval objects and pictures in one of the towers of the castle Inverness. It is open daily from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Near the Inverness Castle, there is a convenient parking area. A walk around the palace complex is really relaxing and enjoyable. There is a path that winds around the back of the castle, passed along the beautiful flower beds which takes you to the statue of Flora MacDonald.



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