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Karlsruhe Palace

Karlsruhe Palace

The City of Karlsruhe is located in southwest Germany, close to the German-French border. No other such city has such wide entity and this is because Karlsruhe is characterized by its urban architectural design. The Old Town plan of Karlsruhe reminds us of the sun as all the streets are extended in the straight sunlight. That is why the Germans called Karlsruhe - The City Sun.

In the center of this kind of "solar projection" of 32 streets, stands the castle of Karlsruhe with its high and remarkable tower. Karlsruhe Palace is a very beautiful Royal Castle.

Today the palace of Karlsruhe is considered the biggest tourist attraction in the city. At its current size limits, the castle in the center of Karlsruhe was built in 1746. The earlier structure of the Palace in parts was constructed of wood, however, during the middle of the 18th century, palace of Karlsruhe had been completely retooled from stone blocks.

The previous building was erected in 1715 by Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach. The beautiful palace of Karlsruhe, consisting only of stone, was built between 1752 and 1785 by order of Friedrich von Kesslau.

The previous building at the site of today's Karlsruhe castle belonged to Balthasar Neumann. Today the castle Karlsruhe functions as a museum that offers visitors inspiring historical exposures. Karlsruhe Palace has incredibly rich collections of objects dating from different eras past.

Palace in Karsruhe

Inside the castle, guests can even see artifacts from prehistoric times and objects of other interesting antiques. Besides these, the palace of Karlsruhe has beautiful works of applied art alongside objects related to folk art in Germany.

Behind the palace in Karlsruhe extends the incredible royal town. The town is able to charm everyone with its beauty that is "harnessed" in excellent landscaped paths, gardens with trees, flower beds and shrubs. Within the royal park in Karlsruhe the Greenhouse is located, known as a botanical garden, which is also part of the museum at the palace of Karlsruhe.

The castle of Karlsruhe offers a pleasant view of the different parts of town - the panorama from the tower of the castle in the south includes the University of Karlsruhe on the left, the market square in central direction and the Federal Constitutional Court to the right.



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