Lake O'Hara

Lake Ohara

Lake O'Hara and the lands that surround it are one of the most remarkable places in Canada. O'Hara is located within Yoho National Park, which in turn is one of several protected areas in the Canadian Rockies, along with Banff National Park.

Lake O'Hara is probably the most admired and loved by fans of natural beauty in Yoho. It is beautiful, huge, attractive and is literally an inspiration (of any kind).

Nestled among the high alpine meadows, Lake O'Hara is at a distance of 11 kilometers from the nearest road. It is surrounded by many smaller alpine lakes and along the periphery of the magnificent views stand the icy peaks of the surrounding mountains.

The whole area is a network of mountain trails, which visitors Banff National Park can traverse. The number of visitors is limited, however, as not to disturb the pristine environment of this beautiful and valuable place. During the summer months along Lake O'Hara there is often no space in the several chalets and campsites.

Lake Ohara and Seven Veil Falls

To get to O'Hara, you can either walk about 12-15 kilometers or take a bus. The pedestrian route follows the road and it is advisable to take the bus to save one’s energy for the massive and impressive transitions between moors, lakes and zigzagging routes, which accompany the transition to O'Hara.

The variation in elevation is about 500 meters. Due to the large tourist flow it is advisable to book a bus well ahead of time. The chances of finding a place on the bus, on the day of your visit to O'Hara are negligible.

The route is accompanied by beautiful views of Cataract Creek, the waterfall Seven Veil Falls, and Mary Lake. Lake O'Hara is situated at an altitude of 2115 meters.

The sight of a the Seven Veil Falls is literally striking, and a real competitor to the lake for the award of most beautiful natural landmark in the area.



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