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Castle Clinton National Monument

Castle Clinton National Memorial

Castle Clinton National Monument is found in Battery Park, on the island of Manhattan.

Castle Clinton is one of the most famous stations of the first American immigrants. Over eight million people came here during the period from 1855 to 1890. Register of arriving passengers partially burned in a large fire, but according to some experts here may have passed over twelve million immigrants.

Jews from Eastern Europe called it Castle Kesselgarden and this word has since become an expression of a situation of total chaos and noise.

Castle Clinton National Memorial

Castle Clinton, also known as Fort Clinton, has performed various functions - a beer garden, a hall for exhibitions, public aquarium and theatre, and today acts as a national monument.

Construction of the castle began in 1808 and was finalized in 1811. Fort was built and designed by architect John McComb Jr. and Jonathan Williams.

Before being called Castle Clinton, the Fort was known by the name West Battery. It received its new name in 1815. The castle was named after a mayor New York, Dewitt Clinton.

In 1821 the U.S. Army stopped using Fort Clinton as a military fortress and in 1824 there was opened the Castle Garden. This place was known by that name since then. To be used at any time of year, it was equipped with a roof, which originally did not cover the entire building. At Castle Clinton are performed concerts, including by world-famous stars.

In 1896, Castle Clinton became a part of a public aquarium in New York. This place attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who wanted to see different kinds of water animals and fish that inhabit the aquarium.

In 1941 there was an idea to destroy the building to the ground to be built in its place a transition between the Battery and Brooklyn. However, this idea was rejected, but this led to the closure of the public aquarium.

In 1946 Castle Garden received the status of a national monument. In 1970 was carried out a large-scale reconstruction of the building, which restored its original beautiful appearance.

Today the building is again known as Castle Clinton, and is the starting point for visitors who want to reach the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The territory of building has a museum.



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