North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas is a city located within the Clark County, Nevada. The city was incorporated in 1946. North Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert.

North Las Vegas is located north of Las Vegas itself.

The city of North Las Vegas has a population of over two hundred twenty-four thousand people. It extends over an area of over two hundred square kilometres. The city has eleven percent of families that live below the poverty line, and these families account for nineteen percent of people under eighteen years.

North Las Vegas was named the fastest growing city in the United States. Administrators of the city are not always able to cope with the budget for the year. For the period from year 2010-2011, they ended with the city of eight million dollar deficit and thus started the new fiscal year in arrears.

Tax Office of the State could not score in the local government scheme of revenue from 2005, when the agricultural district of White Pine County went almost to the brink of bankruptcy.

North Las Vegas managed to conclude an agreement with fire-fighters to reduce payments that reduce the budget deficit by over six million dollars. City Council should take decisions to reduce costs, to reduce the budget deficit.

The city of North Las Vegas is the place where women sentenced to death in Nevada expect their execution. The state has assumed control of the building in which convicts await their sentence to be executed.

The building was built in 1997 and in it were invested over twenty million dollars. This is the first and only on the territory of Nevada building that is virtually a self-managed prison, which is owned by a private company. The building stretches over thirteen thousand square meters and can accommodate five hundred convicts.



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