Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama - Birmingham aerial view

Birmingham is a city which is the largest in the territory of Alabama. Birmingham is the Jefferson County Center.

On the territory of Birmingham live 212, 237 people. The city was founded in 1871, just after the American Civil War. The city emerged as a union of three former farm towns, among which stands out Elyton.

The city added new areas and gradually became a center of transportation, which was aimed at mining and steel processing as well as the metallurgy industry.

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham was named after the city of Birmingham, in the UK, which is one of the largest and important cities here. Birmingham was founded by the Elyton Land Company, which united bankers, railway builders and planters.

The company deals with selling seats to the planned intersection of Alabama and Chattanooga. At the crossroads emerged the first post office, which also served as a store.

The territory around it as deposits of iron ore, limestone and coal, which made entrepreneurs think that this place is ideal for steel production. Birmingham is one of the few places in the world where the three components for steel production are in such close proximity to each other.

Prosperity of the town was razed in 1873 by the cholera epidemic. Then the city began to recover. In 1911 it was added to the city and surrounding Elitan small settlements.

Birmingham, AL

Many of those who founded the city of Birmingham were of English origin. The city was planned as a place where African-American workers will work for less money in the metals factory in the city.

From its founding until the end of the sixties of the twentieth century Birmingham holds first place in the development of industry in the South and was formed as a major industrial center. This earned it the nickname Magic City.

At the end of the twentieth century along with the metals industry in the city grew other businesses, including banking, telecommunications, transport, health and education, as well as the insurance business. Today, mining in Birmingham is no longer among the leading businesses and is limited to coal for heating.

As to the development of education in the city, Birmingham is home to the School of Medicine UAB, and the Alabama School of Dentistry.

The territory of Birmingham has three of the five legal institutes within the state - these are the Cumberland School of Law, Birmingham Law School, and Miles.

Between 1902 and 1912 in the city were built four high skyscraper offices. This earned the nickname of the group skyscrapers “The Heaviest Corner on Earth”.

The Great Depression inflicted serious damage to the city of Birmingham. During the war, the need for steel, and the post-war construction boom failed to strengthen the position of Birmingham and return to its brilliance.



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