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Teide National Park

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Teide National Park

National Park Teide is located in Tenerife and is known for its volcanic crater, which occupies an area of over twenty miles. Here is Mount Teide, which rises to 3718 m - this is the highest peak in Spain.

During active geological processes, the huge volcano which is located next to Mount Teide, but was much larger in size than it, had exploded and was completely destroyed. The walls of the crater, or rather what remained of them, formed a caldera, which is now Mount Teide, and a whole lot of volcanoes. Teide National Park is characterized by its subtropical woodland.

It is believed that the park has preserved traces of the geological processes that have defined the evolution of oceanic islands. Teide Park has the status of carrying global significance. Teide National Park is accessed free of charge. From the beginning of the park, visitors see walls of the huge crater in the center of which lies Teide’s cone. The main attraction of the park is Teide Pico Viejo. It rises to an impressive height of 3718 meters and is considered the third highest volcano in the world.

Teide National Park has a hotel and restaurant, which cares for the comfort of visitors. Directly from there begin the park's hiking trails, with a total length of over seventy miles. From southwest to northeast, the park is crossed by a road. Along it there are many sites to enable tourists to enjoy the spectacular beauty of its scenery. In good weather at the top of Mount Teide can be seen all the beautiful islands, but sometimes, even northern Africa be seen can.

Mount Teide in Teide National Park

Driving to the Teide National Park is an interesting experience, because the sunny coast is changed to an alpine landscape, which after a few kilometers becomes a lunar landscape.

In winter, the park can be covered with snow. Temperatures during this time often fall below freezing and in summer they often pass over forty degrees.

The easiest way to reach the highest point on top of Mount Teide, is with the help of the gondola. This saves a long and tiring climb up the beautiful mountain. Having arrived the top of the mountain, tourists can walk and enjoy the amazing views. The only way to reach the mouth of the volcano is to obtain prior permission from the office of the national park. You can make walks around the volcano, but they are only suitable for people who can endure physical exertion. We must not forget the equipment for tourists, which require warm clothing and appropriate footwear.

The visual impact of the park is extremely strong because the weather here is constantly changing. Teide National Park is valuable because it is an outstanding example of a relatively old, slow-moving, complex geological and volcanic system. The area is a major center for international studies with a long history of influence on the geology and geomorphology of the planet. Teide has an observatory.

The park, like many other national parks, is surrounded by a buffer zone. In the park you can see many interesting plants and certain animals.



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