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Lake Manyara

Manyara Lake

If you have already decided to visit the reserve Serengeti, and the Eden Valley Ngorongoro, be sure to check out Lake Manyara, located in close proximity. This tropical paradise is also part of the unforgettable sights, which Tanzania can show you.

The lake and surrounding area, which is also a protected area, is an extremely comfortable tourist attraction because it is only 130 km. from Arusha.

By area, Manyara’s length is 40 km. and the width is about 13 km. In its shallow salt water which is rich in alkaline content, live many wild animals and birds. As in Magadan, which is the lowest part of the picturesque valley of Ngorongoro, and here the population of flamingos is quite large. Beautiful pink birds flock around lake Manyara, attracted by the abundance of crustaceans and algae that grow in the salty waters.

According to writer Ernest Hemingway, this is the most beautiful lake in the whole of Africa because of the diverse range of landscapes and fascinating wildlife. The very name "Manyara" comes from the Masai word emanyara, which is a specific type of vegetation grown by locals.

The total area of the park is 329 The best time to visit is during the period from July to October because there's no rain. Unlike animal migrations in the park Serengeti, the animals inhabit the area of Manyara all year-round.

Perhaps the most attractive among the species here, are baboons, the lake and its environment are also home to herbivores such as hippos, Impala, elephant, antelope, buffalo and giraffes. Especially attractive is the sight of lions sleeping in the trees.

Giant fig and mahogany trees, fed by the groundwater of Manyara, are home to many animal species. Massive Acacia trees are quite tempting for monkeys, giraffes and elephants.

Unfortunately, the population of these good-natured big creatures is strongly decreased as a result of poaching.

Here among the trees and waters of the reserve live many leopards, but is extremely difficult to catch a glimpse of them, even for a moment. You would be very lucky if you see lions sleeping under trees. The best place to try to monitor lions, and herds of elephants, is the area of the river Hdala.

The two hot springs - Maggia Moto and Moto Maggia Ngog are an attractive place for wildlife when the water level is low. Over 350 species of birds inhabit the protected area. At a near location, residents will meet you with a smile. They may sell different Masai jewelry, traditional dresses, other souvenirs, as well as fruits and vegetables.



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