Castles in Austria

Online travel guide to the most beautiful castles in Austria. List of fortresses, medieval castles and palaces in Austria. Tourist information and pictures of austrian castles. All castles in Austria at a glance.
 -  Castle Grafenegg

20.05.2010, ID: 10992
The Castle Grafenegg is located near Vienna, in Lower Austria. Today the castle Grafenegg in Austria offers a few days for exhibitions, private parties and weddings.
 -  Castle Kreuzenstein

Castle Kreuzenstein

20.05.20101361ID: 10991
Kreuzenstein castle is located on top of a small mountain, 21 kilometers from Vienna, Austria. Today Kreuzenstein is a unique Castle of original medieval architecture.
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 -  Hofburg Imperial Palace

Hofburg Imperial Palace

20.05.20101088ID: 10990
Hofburg Imperial Palace is the official residence of the Austrian president. Hofburg castle itself extends over an area of 240 000 square meters. Hofburg is one of the biggest attractions in Vienna.
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