Castles in Italy

Virtual trip to the most beautiful castles in Italy. List of of the many medieval fortresses and castles in Italy worth visiting. Travel information and pictures of italian castles. All castles in Italy at a glance.
 -  Miramare Castle

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Castle Miramare stays charmingly in the Gulf of Trieste, and is about 10 km from the very Italian city. Today, Miramare is an amazing blend of Gothic, Renaissance and medieval architectural motifs.
 -  Castle Sacra di San Michele

Castle Sacra di San Michele

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Castle Sacra di San Michele or known as Abbey of Saint Michael is a medieval complex in Italy. The castle is one of the largest historical buildings in the Italian region of Piedmont.
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 -  Fenis Castle in Aosta Valley

Fenis Castle in Aosta Valley

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Aosta Valley in Italy has several medieval palace treasures. One of them is Fenis castle, known as Castle Aosta. Today castle Aosta is an interesting museum with medieval furniture.
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 -  Gorizia Castle

Gorizia Castle

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This medieval castle Gorizia is situated on a hill above the Italian town Gorizia. Today castle Gorizia remaines the size of a stable structure in the shape of a pentagon surrounding a courtyard.
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