Wildeck Castle

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The Saxon area in Germany is full of medieval fortresses and castles. Almost all the strategic points of Saxony are crowned with solid fortifications. Located in the picturesque valleys and towering high hills, stands the largest fortress in Germany, all of them have stories and [legends[ that make the history of the Saxon area one of the most vibrant in Europe.

In this central eastern part of Germany there crosses a major road connecting the commercial center of Leipzig to the royal residence in Prague. Goods from all over the continent were transported on this route, including silver from the mountain Ore, which is transported by this route to European vaults.

Wildeck Castle

The palace Wildeck was built on the foundations of an earlier building of 12th century, which overlooks the town of the same name, Wildeck River and passing Zschopau river. Thanks to Wildeck castle, the town was the safe glory for passing traders from all over.

Today, the medieval fortress has preserved only for observation the tower from the castle which is called "fat Henry”. This building is rich with thick walls and the height it reaches is an impressive 30 meters. In the mid 16th century the castle Wildeck had become the order of the Saxon Duke Moritz in the hunting lodge. From 17th to early 20th century the palace was used for housing the forest service.

Today, the beautiful Renaissance white castle Wildeck can be seen towering over the steep cliff by far. For visitors in the halls of the castle Wildeck has organized several museum exhibitions devoted primarily to industrial history of the region. Lovers of cars has a lot to see here, because it exposures exhibits of two relic DKW motorcycles and MZ. In the 20th century the area around the castle Wildeck was a major manufacturer of motorcycles.

Besides automobile exposures in the halls of the palace you can see rich exhibition of coins, minerals and instruments used in the past. Besides these there is an exhibition of typography machines.

Wildeck Castle ,