Marksburg Castle

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Marksburg Castle

Fortress Marksburg is the only indestructible mountain fortress on the valley of the river Rhine. This fact automatically makes it a major model of fortress construction in this German region. Castle Marksburg is located near the town of Braubach, Germany. Factual show is that this is the only medieval castle of the Middle Rhine that has never been destroyed. The castle is included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.

According to the assumptions, castle Marksburg was built by the rulers of Braubach between 1117 and 1171 they used it as a defensive fortress, administrative center and office. The main purpose of erecting a fort was to protect the city Braubach. The palace is mentioned for the first time in historical documents in 1231.

In 1283 Count Eberhard of Katzenellenbogen bought Marksburg. In the following centuries during the 14th and 15th century, descendants of Eberhard repeatedly were rebuilding and reconstructing the castle. Marksburg, as we see it today is the result of numerous repairs and renovations in nearly 700 years since its construction.

Today Marksburg stands beautifully on the hill and is considered the most beautiful castle in the whole Lorelei valley. This impressive palace is on the list of the German Association for the Protection of historic palaces, whose main purpose is to preserve the priceless ancient monuments in the country.

The organization bought Marksburg in 1900 and restored it precisely inside so that the castle was completed in the medieval style. In the internal halls Marksburg exposes a rich exposure to various artifacts, that have been preserved from the Middle Ages.

To get to the castle itself, you need to climb up the steep cliff and it is important to know that you need a stable footwear. If you do not want to walk, there is an option to rent a taxi.

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