Krumau Castle

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Krumau Castle, locally known as Burg Krumau may initially be thought of a scary picture, especially if you view it on a gloomy winter day. Rising on a hill, remains a dense forest of naked old trees that seem to make the fortress impregnable. During spring and summer, however, the palace is converted into a real pretty picture.

This medieval castle rises above the Austrian village of Krumau, west of the city of Horn in the province of Lower Austria. Built in the early 12th century and until today it is perfectly preserved. Its foundations were laid of fascinating rock near the center of town, but it goes directly into meandering river Kamp.

For the first time, historical sources mention Krumau Castle fortress in 1172 when it became the summer residence of Queen Margarethe, after she was banished from her husband - King of Bohemia Ottokar II, during 1261. Six years later the Queen died beyond the walls of the palace.

Later, during the 17th century the Castle Krumau was quite destroyed, especially during the siege in 1619. Between 1667 and 1668 all but ruined parts of the castle were completely restored and went back in its overall power. The consecutive year of devastation was to come to Krumau in the 18th century when it was abandoned, and nobody took care of the medieval building.

Only in 1959 the fortress Krumau had partial repairs after being bought by a private individual. Today the castle Krumau is not publicly available to visitors throughout the year. Only one of the towers is open to tourist visits during the summer months.

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