Harlech Castle

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Harlech castle is another impressive and inspiring medieval fortress in the territory of Wales. Perhaps this ancient palace is more beautiful and impressive than any other country, mainly because of its attractive location. Harlech was perched on a high outcrop, which lies close to the coast of the Irish Sea. The beautiful Castle is strategic, as the height of the rock has control over all look Snowdonia down to the beach.

Harlech castle is one of the largest castles that Edward I ordered to be raised at the time when he was trying to impose the rule in this world of Welsh territories. Its location on a steep cliff dominates the area which provides a comprehensive natural protection - vertical rocks protect it on the side of the sea and the deep moat also adds protectection.

Harlech Castle

The foundations of the Castle Harlech took place in 1283. The project of the whole palace was the favorite architect of the English King Edward I - Master James of St George. Throughout the construction, master George vigilantly monitored the process by ensuring that most of the castle would be completed over a seven year period - until 1290.

Harlech castle was built in the concentric form and had an impressive wall which was locked with watchtowers at each corner. In the outer perimeter of the castle was built a firewall, which was much lower. Within the inner walls were built residential buildings, including the impressive Grand Hall.

The eastern wall, which was actually the most vulnerable part of the castle had built special facilities for monitoring, which were located throughout the dormitories of the soldiers, including a large hall and the more vulnerable east side of the fortress was reinforced by a massive gatehouse that contained comfortable residential quarters.

Today, Harlech castle stands on the high cliffs in an almost perfect condition, with most of it nearly intact. It is part of the heritage of King Edward I, which also includes the castles Beaumaris Castle, Caernarfon Castle and Conwy Casle.

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