Bojnice Castle

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Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle is an attractive medieval castle, located on the territory of Slovakia. The vast cultural and historical significance of Bojnice is the fact that it is one of the oldest, most valuable and remarkable Slovak fortresses. It is particularly impressive with its architecture reminiscent of the pyramid shape and round towers.

Today the Bojnice Castle is considered by many to be one of the historic characters of the whole of Slovakia. During the whole year there are different exhibitions and displays organized that are primarily related to historical themes or just art.

One of the biggest attractions for visitors to the castle is the possibility to take part in hunting activities, accompanied by the Falcons. Hunting with falcons was practiced in these parts centuries back in time.

Countless more interesting things you can learn or see includes the opportunity to see the oldest lime in Slovakia. Traditionally this is held every year at the International Festival of Spirits and Spiritualism, which is quite an attractive event, if you hit the right time of the year.

The first historical evidence of the existence of Bojnice Castle dates back from 1113. In a document which is kept in the abbey which is written in Latin, it says that King Koloman confirmed the property is now officially owned by the monastery - St. Hypolita. This monastery is located in the upper Nitra, which is located in western Slovakia.

The most primal fortress site of today's impressive castle Bojnice was erected from wood, and even before that in the northern part of Slovakia was also a fortified building.

In the 13th century the then owners of Bojnice Castle brought significant changes in the structure, after they acquired the fort within the real palace. Today the castle is amazing and impressive with its sharp towers in the main part of the castle and the exterior is actually massive.

Nowadays Bojnice Castle annually attracts about 200, 000 visitors from around the world. A curious fact is that Bojnice became a natural scenery of the popular screening, Tale Fantaghirò.

Every year in the romantic atmosphere of the castle there are held several festivals, the most interesting and attractive of which is the international festival of spirits and ghosts, as well as th traditional summer music fest.

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