Gutenfels Castle

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Gutenfels Castle is an authentic medieval castle, located near the town of Kaub in the German province of Rhineland in Germany.

Gutenfels is known as the castle Kaub. It dominates the Rhine river, to which a beautiful view is offered of the daze from multiple trees.

Gutenfels Castle

Gutenfels Castle was built around 1200 but by 1257 was owned by the Falkenstein family. This castle is one of the most valuable and important examples of medieval buildings and the so-called Hohenstaufen military estates and residential architecture.

After a long, 39 days and unsuccessful siege in 1504 by William landgrave of Hesse, the castle was renamed indefinitively Gutenfels, which literally means hard rock.

The fortress was reconstructed mainly between 1889 and 1892. The restoration saved Gutenfels from total destruction. In the early 19th century some fundamental parts of the structure as woodwork and masonry, were sold at auction.

Currently the Gutenfels Castle operates as a self-titled hotel that offers its visitors an incredible and exciting journey back in time.

Gutenfels Castle offers beautiful and romantic views of the valley of the Rhine. It is in this part of the river and the island that is located the Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, whose structure exactly resembles the ship.

Within the hotel Gutenfels tourists can enjoy the well kept rooms. There is also an opportunity to celebrate the small family celebrations for up to 50 people.

By tradition, it states that anyone who comes in Gutenfels in peace, will be met by the castle with its doors wide open, and will be well treated as guests at the castle. At the guests disposal is a unique romantic atmosphere that seems to be completely ignorant of the busy life beyond the walls of the castle.

At Gutenfels Castle you are able to enjoy the beautiful indoor gardens with benches and gazebos, as well as unique views of the river, which opens from the terraces of the castle.

A little further down the river is the castle Schonburg, which is another of the medieval jewels along the Rhine.

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