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Hellbrunn Castle in Salzburg

Hellbrunn Castle in Salzburg

Salzburg is the oldest city in the territory of present day Austria. There are hardly enough words to describe the beauty and its historical and architectural treasures. Among the many fascinating castles, which are located in the city and around it is the Baroque villa Hellbrunn which is something like a medieval castle of entertainment.

Hellbrunn palace is so popular and famous that it is used as a leading motive of one of the most valuable collector coins mounted in April 2004. Ten Austrian coins of the euro depict the facade of the villa with its beautiful garden and background of the local mountains.

It is definitely worth visiting the castle Hellbrunn because there is plenty of entertainment. Besides the many things that can be seen inside it, Hellbrunn is interesting as the garden and zoo are located right next to it.

Situated in the south of Salzburg, the palace Hellbrunn was built from 1613 to 1618 by Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich of the city. The whole villa was built with the idea of a summer residence, in which the basis of the build was to have fun.

The Archbishop's successor was 15 and apparently decided to build this entertainment complex for himself. In the summer the water flows out of interesting and quite unexpected places at any time. The table of which is for dinner and located in the garden is surrounded by an original water fountain with stone chairs around it which are original too.

Hellbrunn Palace

Once seated, the nobles had to remain seated throughout the evening. In the small garden right at the entrance is a playground for children. It included a train hauled by reindeer of Santa Claus, a mini zoo and around the fire wearing the old costume one told the fascinating fairy tales of Santa Claus. The children would bake the long sausage sticks over the fire and listened.



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