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Trujillo Castle in Alcazaba

Trujillo Castle in Alcazaba

Castle Alcazaba or often referred to as the interesting Trujillo early medieval fortress is an attractive historical monument situated on a hill in the town of Trujillo, which offers a wonderful view to the village itself and to the valleys in the lower part.

Castle Alcazaba is a Muslim stronghold of the 10th century. However, the history of the fortress began quite long ago, when the Moors erected here their military fort on even earlier Roman foundations of a fortress. Before Christians inhabited in the Spanish region, the area had been consistently inhabited by Romans, Visigoths and Moors.

When the Christians arrived in the area of present day Trujillo, they took a major restoration and even completed transformation of the castle Alkazaba. What they built, was composed of protective fence walls with round and square towers. Perhaps the castle was attached as part of a large fence wall that protect those centuries in the village. Today it is not the actual building that is preserved, but suggests it is that what was added to the north wall.

When you walk through the entrance portal of Alcazaba to enter inside, you can see that it is decorated with family crests and two pairs of towers. These structures are thinner and higher than any other towers in the castle and say they probably served as observation points. In the east are the ruins of Castle Alcazaba of which remain today only two tanks.

Alcazaba Castle

For some time castle Alcazaba was conquered by Alfonso VIII. During his reign the castle and Trujillo withstand seven consecutive powerful attacks from the Moors and Christians, while in 1223 the medieval fortress did not fall permanently in the hands of Castilian conquerors they did turn it into a military fort. In the 15th century village Trujillo, respectively Alcazaba, fought on the side of La Beltraneja, and then clashes ended with the signing of a peace treaty in Alcazaba.

One interesting fact is that the Queen Isabella used adhesive to attach and retain the Portuguese King near her in the castle Alcazaba, hoping to make him fall in love with her.



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