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Braunfels Castle

Braunfels Castle

The magnetic Castle Braunfels stands spectacular around small houses and buildings of the German town sharing the same name. Braunfels is located in central Germany, on the western border of Hesse.

For the first time this city and the existing fort in it are mentioned in historical documents in 1246. The original castle of the counts of Solms dates back to 1250.

After this the initial building of Braunfels castle underwent numerous architectural changes, extensions and renovation processes. As it remained to this day, the beautiful palace was built in 1885. It is an excellent example of architectural trends in German art from the late nineteenth century. Today you can see the incredible valuable collections of art objects, which are open for public visits.

Merit is to Germany that today they have this beautiful castle and to the architect Edwin Oppler, which decided to transform Braunfels Castle into the Neo-Gothic style. Before acquiring its present appearance the palace suffered a major fire in 1679, which takes much of the shine and then gravity of the fortification. After some time, it was then rebuilt in the Baroque style.

Today in Braunfels you can see the unique and spectacular collection of antique furniture, paintings, armor and souvenirs. The floors in all the rooms of Braunfels are constructed from various types of wood. The palace has beautiful bedrooms, which are furnished with authentic beds, covered with blankets in soft pastel colors. The windows are riched with massive hung curtains in warm tones too.

The tub of Kaiser is very attractive which impresses with its huge size. The first thing you might think, when you see it is that the ruler of Braunfels had clearly had a solid growth spurt because the specially made bronze tub is about 2 meters. Braunfels offers its visitors exceptional collections of weapons and military gear. In addition to these exhibitions you can enjoy the extremely rich collections of works of art.

Among those paintings are masterpieces of Dutch masters and local German artists. You can see the important historical Altenberg Altar, parts of which are exhibited in Frankfurt and in the Bavarian National Museum in Munich. Interesting is one ring which was owned by Saint Elizabeth.

Medieval Braunfels sits beautifully between the beautiful park and the small village. Adjacent to the castle gardens is incredibly picturesque and an excellent place for walking in the summer and spring. The village itself could be called old fashioned as it has preserved traditions and customs of German culture and the inhabitants are smiling and welcoming.



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