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Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle is one of the consummate palaces within Denmark. This castle is located north of the capital Copenhagen, near Hillerød. This town is beautifully situated on three small islands in the middle of a lake. On its own beach the castle stands majestically and incredibly beautifully revealing the perfectly arranged baroque gardens it homes.

The history of Frederiksborg Palace begins with its construction as an official royal residence of King Christian IV. The oldest parts of the castle, which have been preserved until today date back to 1560 and were built by King Frederick II, who had named the castle himself - Frederiksborg. Today the castle is no longer a royal palace and so is functioning as a National Historical Museum.

However Frederiksborg is closely linked with the Monarch - Christian Fourth IV. All of the monarchy except Christian VII had been anointed and crowned in the chapel of Frederiksborg. Christian was the first one who took the crown in the chapel.

The small building, called the Bath House had been preserved from the original Palace of King Frederick II. It was built in 1580, and is distinguished by its ornate portal complemented by wrapped Ionic columns. Among the masks of lions are crest stands, or rather a shield with the motto "I hope to stay alone with the Lord". Today this building is used by the Queen, who often dines there, therefore the house is not open for public visits.

Frederiksborg Palace

The castle is famous for its interiors of the Throne and his Knights Halls. Castle Frederiksborg is surrounded by the incredibly beautiful and well arranged park, with multiple lanes and a beautiful lake in which birds and swans swim.

Castle Frederiksborg is known for opulence, flamboyance and style. The interior is enhanced with beautiful stained glass windows and ornaments in warm colors on the ceilings. Everywhere on the walls can be seen the crests of the battles over the years, family portraits and interesting tapestry.



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