Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle is a dignified representative palace, located in Wales. It is the oldest medieval building and has managed to keep maintained in the UK. It is located in county Monmouthshire in southeast Wales. The majestic Chepstow is perched on a rocky peak, under which the River Wye flows.

This is the southernmost chain of castles built on the border between England and Wales. To the medieval ruins of Chepstow is an incredible view of several items from the English side of the passing river.

Chepstow Castle

When you enter through the portal, which is located in the lower part of the city you clearly can see the elongated structure of Chepstow. It is built on the edges of the scale, which tells of the many historical stages through which the fortress has passed, starting from the earliest, when it was a Norman fortification.

Chepstow Castle was erected by order of Lord Norman William FitzOsbern in 1067, who soon became Earl of Hereford.

His son and successor, Roger, tried to make a revolt in 1075, but his initiative was dismissed and he lost the castle in favor of the King of England. During the 12th century the castle was significantly reinforced. In the 13th century, castle Chepstow was again significantly strengthened by additional fortifications.

In the 14th century the meaning and importance of the fort gradually decreased and in the 16th century the state of Chepstow was really bad. It was more like a big house rather than an imposing military castle. In 1682 the castle became property of the Duke of Beaufort. Three years later, Chepstow had no troops, as part of the buildings in the composition of the castle were destroyed. For some time Chepstow was used as a farm and a factory for glass.

By the end of the 18th century Chepstow Castle remained only in ruins. Today, Chepstow houses an interesting museum. Especially attractive is the exhibition - The Castle in time of war, which includes figures in actual size, reflecting the battles over custody and civil war.



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