Litomysl Castle

Litomysl Castle

Litomysl Castle is the biggest attraction of the same name in the northeastern Czech town of the Pardubice Region. While before 9 centuries there were only a medieval fortress, the Litomysl Castle today is at the heart of the city center. Litomysl Castle is a beautiful Renaissance palace, where occurred a number of important events of the Czech Republic.

Litomysl Castle originally was built as a Renaissance arcade palace. The initial structures were built in Italy, but only in the 16th century architectural technique spread in central Europe.

Litomysl Castle was built between the years of 1568-1581. The design and decoration of the palace are of the highest level, especially all of the motifs that were added during the 18th century.

Litomysl Castle

Today Litomysl Castle can be considered an exceptional specimen type of arcade palaces. It illustrates an exceptional way of the aristocratic residences in Central Europe from the Renaissance and the subsequent development under the influence of the new artistic movements. Historical documents from 1398 provide the first evidence of the old Litomysl Castle. The structure had suffered three fires the last of which was in 1560.

In 1567 the Vratislav family of Pernštejn received the palace and members engaged in the restoration of the Litomysl Castle. The project was led by Giovanni Battista Avostalli and his brother Ulrico. In 1719 architect František Maximilián Kaňka gave the castle the new baroque style.

The interior of the castle offers many exciting decorations and artwork. In the west wing you can see the neoclassical theater, which dates from 1796-1797. The theater hall was built entirely of wood, and can accommodate up to 150 spectators in nine lodges and the ground floor. Everything in this room of Litomysl Castle is genuine - from painted decorations to ornaments of the lodges.

In Litomysl Castle you can see more Renaissance rooms, decorated in a neoclassical style of the 18th century. In the other two wings are the palace halls and the rooms are in the same style blend. Many different parts of the castle were built in different centuries. Today, one of the most interesting additions is the brewery, located south of the first courtyard of Litomysl Castle.

The complex of the Litomysl Castle was included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage in 1999. In the past Litomysl Castle was a significant religious center as it was within Litomysl Castle in 1344 where the second bishop in the Czech Republic was granted significance.

The Grammar School of Litomysl is of great importance to the country in the 19th century. In 1994 the Litomysl Castle had a meeting of the seven presidents from Central Europe, which was the cause for immediate preparation of a plan for restoration of numerous buildings that charm with today facades and interior.



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