Tures Castle

Tures Castle - Castel Tures in South Tyrol

Tures Castle has a special place among the historical landmarks in South Tyrol. Located near the pleasant town of Campo Tures, located in the northeastern Italian province of Bolzano-Bozen, castle Tures stands among beautiful rolling hills of Acereto at 957 m altitude. The german city name Campo Tures translates as Sand in Taufers, and from there comes the other name that is known for Tures - Taufers Castl).

Perched on a wooded hill, this castle Tures is one of the most visited and popular attractions in the region of South Tyrol. Besides a pleasant stroll among the beautiful scenery, the castle Tures offers a unique trip back in the Middle Ages through its many authentically furnished rooms, its impressive rooms, where there is opportunity for personal celebration or celebrations, with its terrible prisons and the delicious cuisine at the restaurant at the castle many more exciting experiences. Significantly, each year about 75, 000 people pass through the castle Tures.

Tures Castle and town of Campo Tures are located next to the border with Austria, around 110 km northeast of Trento and about 70 km northeast of Bolzano. For the first time the fortress was mentioned in 1225. It is believed that noble family Tures raised the original castle, consisting of a large house with rooms and gungeon to live on hills, enabling a strategic position in any attacks.

Tures Castle - Castel Tures in South Tyrol

In the early 14th century Lords Tures still owned the castle, but when in 1349 the last heir of the family died, the palace was left to the arbitrariness of fate . In 15th century, the castle in the Austrian government, Tures is enlarged and well fortified. In the early 20th century, Ludwig Lobmayr restored the palace.

Today the majority of Tures Castle is open for public visits. The Medieval Palace has 60 rooms, of which about 25 are available for tourists. Most premises in Tures are generously decorated with wood paneling, beautiful murals, valuable art and many medieval weapons and armor dating from different eras.

Among the most interesting rooms of the Tures Castle is the vast library, through which guests of the palace can get a different perspective on the history of the castle. More impressive are the Princess room, courtroom, spooky room, hall with the arsenal and, of course, the dark dungeons.

Throughout the rooms are unique terracotta stoves for heating. Tures has its own restaurant and conditions for various holidays and events. In the halls of the castle there are various exhibitions continuously. In the chapel of Tures Castle tourists can see beautiful works of art of Pacher.



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