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Rocky Mountain National Park

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The Rockies

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Colorado. This is one of the most exciting areas for avid climbers. The Rockies are composed of igneous and metamorphic rocks, towering peaks and deep valleys.

The National Park always produces enthusiastic glances with its rugged mountains, which served as a ridge road to the western part, but also as protection from attacks. In the park is Long Peak, which rises to a height of 4345 meters. The park has snow covered mountains, and dissolved air can cause dizziness among tourists who have little experience.

The Alpine landscape fascinates with its beauty, so in the Rocky Mountain National Park, there is always a crowd of tourists. On one of the most scenic hiking trails - Trail Ridge Road, tourists can fall into a real jam because of the large cluster of people - and at an altitude of three thousand meters. Each year the park is visited by over three million tourists. If you want visitors to the park to enjoy the peace and solitude, it is advisable to visit the national forest park, where there are fewer tourists.

The park has over three hundred and seventy trails. Nature has preserved its pristine beauty and crystal clear rivers and lakes that grab attention. Many trails allow passage on horse. Those which go only on foot, passing through rugged alpine mountains, alpine lakes, forests and meadows are covered with bright flowers.

Rocky Mountains National Park

In 1915 a decision of the Rockies Congress declared a national park. The park was home to many wild animals and people who raise livestock, caring for their property in one of the many large farms. It looks really natural, because private lands were purchased and some buildings were destroyed, including fences and post offices. Thanks to this, the park looks like at the time of the prehistoric people who lived in the area and hunted game.

After World War II the park attracts both U.S. residents and tourists from around the world.

In the Rocky Mountain National Park, work seventeen hundred volunteers who help in almost every activity in the park. Some volunteers work full time during summer, while others come once a week, or even for a few hours to help improve and maintain parks. The need for volunteers is greatest during the summer months when the highest number of visitors come.

Volunteers must do very heavy physical work. The park is known for its high altitude, dry climate and highly variable weather. These conditions can cause altitude sickness and can lead to worsening of existing diseases, especially respiratory problems. The nature of the work in the park is a challenge and a person's chances of being selected for a volunteer rise if they can stay over.

National Park Rocky Mountains is a true living laboratory. Children and adults can discover interesting facts about flora, fauna and geology, while on walks with the breathtaking beauty of the park. The park has more than fifty lakes and many rivers and streams.

Pine forests and grassy slopes dominate mountain ecosystems in the park. In the park you can see many wild animals in their natural environment - here live elk, deer, mountain sheep, coyotes, black bears and hundreds of smaller animals.

Weather in the park is constantly changing and the morning sun does not guarantee that the afternoon will be thunderstorm free.



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