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Chaillot PalaceChaillot Palace
15 Dec.
El DjemEl Djem
15 Dec.
13 Dec.
Philae is the name of an island located in the middle of the River [Nile] and Lake Nasser in particular. Located a short distance from the Egyptian city of [Aswan], in southern Egypt, Philae is known for its amazing and ...
Dahshur PyramidsDahshur Pyramids
Dahshur Pyramids are an astonishing necropolis, which has yet to gain popularity among tourists in Egypt. Although less known, Dashur and its magnificent specimens of Egyptian architecture is no less impressive than thos...
Fifth AvenueFifth Avenue
The biggest shopping street in New York is Fifth Avenue. You can not go to New York and not visit this amazing place to shop, filled with many interesting sights. You will see the public library of New York, where boo...
Hoover DamHoover Dam
Hoover Dam is a large dam in a canyon of the [Colorado River] known as the Black Canyon. The place is known as one of ten top construction achievements of the twentieth century. Hoover Dam attracts over a million visi...
Konark Sun TempleKonark Sun Temple
Konark Sun Temple, commonly known as Konark is a high point in architectural construction of Orissa and one of the most magnificent examples of religious architecture in the world. Today, Konark is the most popular touri...
Hanauma BayHanauma Bay
Each year, nearly 8 million tourists from around the world visit the incredible Hawaiian Islands. While most of them prefer luxury and exotic comfort of [Waikiki], in the southern part of Oahu, Hanauma Bay is for those w...
John Hancock CenterJohn Hancock Center
John Hancock Center is located in [Chicago], Illinois and all affectionately call it the Big John as a sign of love for this wonderful building. The building was built over four years - from 1965 to 1969. It rises to ...
Temple of Kom OmboTemple of Kom Ombo
Temple of Kom Ombo is an Egyptian religious complex that was built in the Hellenistic period and continued to exist during the Roman era. Temple of Kom Ombo is located 4 kilometers from the town of Kom Ombo, 50 km west o...
Times SquareTimes Square
Times Square, which today is known for its neon advertising and its incredible architecture, was not always so bright. Times Square is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, between 42nd and 47th str...
Timgad is an intriguing ancient city which was a Roman colony in North Africa. Today Timgad is entirely in ruins, but continues to attract tourists from around the world. Known as Thamugadi, this Roman settlement is loca...
Waikiki is probably the most popular neighbourhood in Honolulu - the capital of the unique Hawaiian Islands. Known worldwide for its perfect beaches, Waikiki is one of the top destinations for holidays, when we talk abou...