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The White DesertThe White Desert
22 May
21 May
Guilin in ChinaGuilin in China
Guilin is an incredibly beautiful area in southern Guangxi province of China. The town is one of the most visited tourist destinations in China. Guilin has many beautiful places that must be seen, largely due to the pass...
The ancient city of LixusThe ancient city of Lixus
Lixus is the least preserved in North Africa and the ruins and remains of antiquity are very picturesque. The ancient city is located north of the seaport of today\'s Larache in Morocco. It was built on the right bank...
The city of Aksum is considered the most sacred place in the African country of Ethiopia because, it is here in the 4th century that Christianity was adopted as the official religion in the country. This sanctuary of the...
Lalibela - EthiopiaLalibela - Ethiopia
The stone churches in Lalibela are one of the destinations required if you decide to experience the Ethiopian cultural heritage. Located in the northern Ethiopian province today these rock monasteries have been described...