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Trausnitz Castle

Trausnitz Castle in Landshut

Castle Trausnitz is another masterpiece in the territory of Germany. The castle stands majestically on a hill above the town of Landshut in the German State of Bavaria. Initially, during the 16th century the castle was named after the city and later was renamed Trausnitz. The name literally translates as "protector of the earth".

Trausnitz Castle originated as a family mansion of the genus Wittelsbach and was used as their residence for the period from 1255 to 1503. The original building at the site of today's palace was built in 1204 by Duke Ludwig I. Trausnitz Castle was completed during the visit of Emperor Frederick II in 1235. Also for this period and during the next 3-4 centuries the castle was used as a protective fortress.

In the 15th century the Duke of Landshut constantly renovated his estate. At that time, he reinforced the protective outer walls being prepared for several security towers. In 1516 the Duke of Bavaria Louis X converted the castle entirely in the Renaissance style. At that time the interior of the castle was completed with beautiful artwork in florent style, but most of the paintings were destroyed due to a fire. A little later Prince Ferdinand Maria, who lived from 1675 to 1679 undertook the restoration of the murals, while ordering the painting of the walls in several rooms.

In the 18th century the castle Trausnitz was used for barracks, and for some time a prison where they held nobility. In the early 19th century the halls of the palace had been operated as a hospital. In 1961 another fire destroyed much of the interior decoration, including the kings rooms.

Among the interesting spaces in the Castle Trausnitz is the Knight Hall, which consists of two main parts, which dates back some 13th centuries. Today its beautiful interior is used for various celebrations and events such as festivals and other exhibitions. The White Hall is located on the first floor of the castle over the Knight's Hall.

Trausnitz Castle

Supposedly it was built in the 16th century, and was conceived for a large ritual hall. But it also is not complete and it lacks the art decorations on the walls, typical of the other halls. Today it holds events such as banquets, concerts, and is also used for lectures to audiences. The Castle Trausnitz also offers a wonderful view of the historical town Landshut .



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