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Esterhazy Palace

Esterhazy Palace

The magnificent palace of Esterhazy has often been voted as the "Hungarian Versailles", where the great composer Haydn worked for 30 years for the Esterhazy family, which today is named after the castle itself.

Its beautiful building is located in Eisenstadt, which is the capital of the Austrian Burgenland region. Even in the possession of the Hungarian family Esterhazy this impressive castle is considered a symbol of the city.

Esterhazy Palace

The foundations of the palace Esterhazy are placed back in the 13th century, but by 1622 it became an absolute possession of the family Esterhazy. By order of Prince Paul I the palace was completely transformed in the Baroque style, more than 300 years after it is still owned by his heirs.

Unlike the very private palaces, Esterhazy is available for tourist visits, especially for visitors a tour of the wine cellar is also available. The castle also has a shop for souvenirs and gifts. In the Notorious Haydnsaal part of Esterhazy they quite often hold various musical concerts.

In place of the beautiful garden between the two northern towers is built today the music hall. The building is completely retooled in the Baroque style to a classic look and was brought forth by the famous French architect Charles Moreau.

The concert hall itself is Haydnzaal creation of art itself. The interior is opulent and richly decorated with exquisite paintings and drawings. Its size and splendor suggests political, economic and social situations of the family Esterhazy. This hall is regarded as one of the best acoustic spaces not only in Hungary but also worldwide.

Unique paintings in this beautiful concert hall were created during the 17th century by the artist, Karpoforo Tenko. Most of the paintings recreate different times of popular works such as the ceiling and walls being decorated to see the performances of the popular satirical novel "Cupid and Psyche." The center has been painted with the moment of marriage between them, and the Olympic gods and periphery were painted as moments of their lives.



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