Vatican City

Saint Peter Square in Vatican

There are no two opinions that the Vatican is the heart of the Catholic religious community. This unique city-state is ruled by the pope, has full sovereignty and occupies about one quarter of the square area of the Italian capital Rome. This Catholic religious center has an amazing architecture that has become a witness of many historical events over the centuries.

This smallest country in the world has the headquarters of the Pope and head of the Catholic Church worldwide. Official residents here are about 800, making it the smallest nation in the demographic size of our planet. Many priests, nuns, guards, and 3000 cocoa workers live outside the Vatican city. The Catholic Center even has a football team, composed of Swiss Guards who hold dual citizenship.

Tourists tour through the Vatican and inevitably to the beautiful huge square of St. Peter. On it you can see the Egyptian obelisk, which was carried there by Caligula from Heliopolis. Another attraction is the Bernini Tuscan columns which are arranged in numbers of four and end with statues of saints. The square has the vast basilica of St. Peter, which is able to accommodate around 60, 000 people.

Saint Peter Square

That which will make a first impression at the Vatican is the toned ornate interior. The massive dome of the basilica is up to 119 m in height, and the balconies are decorated in exquisite relief. Inside the Catholic Church can be seen the famous "Pieta" by Michelangelo and the baroque canopy of Bernini. It is located just above the altar of the temple. Besides these works of art there are still very famous masterpieces of other Italian masters.

In the Vatican Museums you can visit one of the largest and richest collections of art works. The museum consists of several wings, which are superbly decorated. The museum collection includes unique Roman, Egyptian, Etruscan and porcelain figures, statues and paintings. There you can see the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo and several rooms painted by Raphael for Pope Julius II.



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