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Moritzburg Castle


"At the entrance the walls bare and cold

Climbing is like a herd of deer:

Horns, antlers until the ceiling

Jingled our steps from porcelain.

Queue is dark with lonely salons

Decorated with leather wallpaper of dead animals

Тоday in this royal castle of Saxony

Is where you are meeting all seasons..."


So begins the poem entitled, Hunting castle Moritzburg. This verse describes the largely inspirational nature of this palace, located in the eponymous tourist site in Germany. These Saxon lands are popular destinations in the country for rest and relaxation because of the beautiful natural area with its clean and inspiring lakes.

The advantage of the many visitors to the area is that they are close to Dresden, which is only a 20 minute drive or about 13 miles southeast of the castle Moritzburg.

Moritzburg Castle was built to replace an older building as a magnificent Renaissance summer residence and hunting lodge of the Duke of Saxony Moritz of Wettin.

Castle Moritzburg Dresden

Construction of the mansion lasted four years from 1542 to 1546. Between 1661 and 1671 is when the great reform of the Castle took place by order of the then owner. Then was added the chapel which is an excellent example of the baroque style in architectural construction. In 1697 the successor of the previous ruler, Friedrich I, embraced Catholicism and converted the Chapel into a Catholic Church to ensure its ambitions for the Polish throne.

Today, the tourism tour of Moritzburg Castle is a real trip back in time. Everywhere you will see exquisite porcelain, furniture and paintings that testify to the rich furnishings of the castle of pre 18th century. The halls of Moritzburg with their massive leather curtains create a feeling of hunting spirit of the former owners of the estate.

In a whole, in Moritzburg you can see one of the largest and most impressive collections of game trophies of all the nobles who inhabited the palace. One of the most remarkable spots in the castle has recently been opened for visitors so you can enjoy the impressive view of nearly two million colorful feathers.

Moritzburg Castle

After a tour of the interior of Moritzburg you can indulge in a nice walk in the park behind the palace gardens. While remaining unfinished, their size and beauty are impressive, creating a feeling of true oasis.



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